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George Ramos

George Ramos

Canton, ME


Growing up in a Puerto Rican family, which included not only mother and father, but grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and close friends of the family, I was lovingly nurtured in an environment which lent itself to creativity and imagination. We loved to play outside as children in a very diverse neighborhood. Getting a good education was a top priority to my parents, so they assured that I received an excellent scholastic education at the Saint Bernard's schools I attended in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. My life as a child was surrounded by interesting people, sports, music, dancing, arts and crafts, and lots of drawing, coloring, and painting with watercolor and poster paint. My grandmother was responsible for stirring up a great interest in my Taino heritage. My Indian mindset emerged from within my soul, when the extant history books were calling the Tainos of Puerto Rico extinct. Thanks to my grandmother's teaching, I learned how to sew by hand and braid which allowed me to manufacture my own indian dance regalia. With the help of books I learned beadwork and feather work, as well as Indian dancing. Whipporwill (Narragansett) and and Wildcat (MicMac) befriended me, and we danced in powwows together in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I won the first place plaque at the first West Point Powwow judged by the editor of American Indian Culture Magazine. In the 1970s, the Pan-Indian movement was in full swing, and suddenly, things native american became "cool". The Boy Scouts of America rounded out my education and greatly expanded the scope of experiences by teaching me to camp, hike, and be a good steward of the natural beauty of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. While working at Camp Wanockset in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, I learned and taught various crafts like leather working, woodcarving, and basketry, under Moose Brown's instruction and guidance. I taught wood lore and Indian lore as well as pioneering, orienteering with map and compass, and survival skills.

I received superb formal instruction from caring teachers, nuns, priests, pastors, coaches, Scout leaders, professors, mentors, military and electronics instructors at the following respective institutions of learning:

Nolan Elementary School, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA, 1963

San Juan Convent Elementary School, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1963

St. Bernard's Elementary School, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA, 1964-1971

Boy Scouts of America, Nashua Valley Council, Lancaster, MA 1971-1975

St. Bernard's C.C. High school, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA , Class of 1975

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Class of 1979

Acacia Fraternity, Cayuga Heights, New York 1977-1979

U.S.A. Navy 1980 - 2000

Pivotal art mentors of note that have profoundly impacted my art are the following people: Stephen Thomas, my high school art teacher; Hans Peter Kahn (materials and techniques), Zevi Blum (drawing), and Haim Steinbach (painting), Gillian Pederson-Krag (painting), and Professor Thompson (printmaking), Victor Colby(sculpture), Jack Squire (sculpture): all Cornell professors at that time in the 1970s. I have had a 1 man show at Franklin Hall and the Foundry at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, which included works in sculpture, painting, and installations which were mostly based on the american indian experience and nature. While at Cornell University, I served as illustrator and art director for three different periodicals and newsletters: Umoja Sasa, Espejo, and Ubiquity. I designed US Navy company Flag, VP-23 Squadron patch, and illustrated caricatures for the VP-23 Squadron Cruisebook. Painted and sold various pastel and acrylic works and commissions; fabricated and painted backdrops for dramas, painted the Foyer Mural at NAMTRAGRUDET NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I exhibited and sold some works in various venues, such as, the Pennacook Art Center Gallery, when located at 22 Congress Street, Rumford, Maine, USA, when it had it's own building. A few of my paintings and sculptures are in private collections. A great deal of the large scale murals and backdrops have been painted for the public benefit, such as Vacation Bible School, dramas, and displays at the Rumford Town Hall Auditorium and Key Bank in Rumford, Maine: and currently at the 2014 10th year Anniversary Show of the Pennacook Art Center at the Business and Technology Center, Rumford, Maine, USA. Teaching art and creativity has been an ongoing part of my life since a youth, which has allowed me to pass the torch to the next generations. Thanks for reading, fellow traveller and sojourner. Enjoy the art and beauty in your life which surrounds you. Look to the Creator for guidance and help in this present age of skepticism and uncertainty. Best Regards, George Ramos


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